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Customer Testimonials

"This was an awesome class. I did it 10 years ago, but the experience stays with me as a great memory. I still use the knife every day and plan to have my husband take the class in the future. There is something very special about the process and knowing that you were a part of each step. I highly recommended it!,

"Maria Ghisletta, July 2012 took the class in 2002

"For someone interested in learning to make knives, this class was the perfect introduction. Not only did I learn the step by step process of forging raw steel into a true work of functional art, but I came away with a knife which will serve as an inspiration to me as I attempt to learn this craft. The instructor is patient and allows you to progress at your own speed, but is always there to bail you out. His 25 years of experience is evident in the knife you take home. It is not just a knife you cobble together but is something you will be proud to show to both family and friends and say you had an active part in making. Even the sheath is both beautiful and believe me bullet proof. While the class is only 2 days long it will take me weeks to assimilate the information I gathered working at this shop. Oh, Valley Ford is a great rural community in which to hold this class. You will love it......"

Alan Zeichner May 2012

 "Truly amazing! The entire experience of crafting such a piece from raw material. Not only do I have a knife that will last forever but a family heirloom for generations to come"

Edward Samuels - 2011

"I purchased a custom knife class for my husband and has been the best gift I have gotten him. Thank you Tucker Knives for the experience and quality of your knives."

Rose Carlson - 2011

"Amazing class. My father and my grandfather joined me and it was a great experience. We all really enjoyed it. Ken was a great teacher and knows so much about metal working. Such a fun time. We will always remember this awesome time together. We now have 3 knives that will last forever. I plan to go back with more friends or family. Thank you so much Ken."

Andrew, Jeff, and Kenneth Forster- 2010