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Welcome to Tucker Knives

Tucker Knives has been creating custom hand forged knives for over 30 years. Each knife is a one of a kind original.

Tucker Knives possess the beautiful lines that collectors treasure, while maintaining their purpose of being a sharp, handy tool, whether used for hunting, fishing, capping or cooking.

These knives are versatile enough to do the hard work on the ranch or the precise cutting needed in the kitchen.

Please visit our Testimonial page.

Want to design your own? Send us a drawing and we'll custom make it to your specifications.

Also Available ** "Make Your Own" Custom Knives Workshop

Create a master piece specific for your needs. This two day workshop is designed to teach the skills of old world

blade-smithing combined with the art of coal forging. You will have the unique opportunity to forge your own blade, starting with the design of the knife for your purpose. You will then learn the proper heating and tempering process, following with the creation of the handle using your choice of exotic woods and materials like, Cocobolo, Desert Ironwood, Wenge, Rosewood, Redwood burl, black onyx, turquoise, and fossilized walrus tusk. End your class, learning finishing and sharpening techniques for your project, and finally protecting your creation with a hand sewn leather sheath fit to your knife made by you.

Contact us to schedule a class.